When I started working with Tom, I knew absolutely nothing about print. He patiently took the time to answer a ton of questions and helped me work out all of my issues before taking the publication to print. Since we first met in 2010 I’ve completed many years of study, worked at several print and design studios, and continued honing the skills of my craft, and I’m still going to see Tom whenever I need to get my work produced.

Besides going above and beyond to make sure I get everything I want in a product, Tom treats his clients like family. He has worked closely with me to keep my product 100% recyclable, without any loss of quality, while also keeping it as affordable as possible.

I would not be where I am today without the help and guidance Tom has given me since the first day we started working together. He has been, and always will be, an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ashleigh JohnstonTestimonial

Ashleigh Johnston Creative Director Ohzi Design

I highly recommend Tom Liszt as a vigilant and attentive account representative. Tom has a wide knowledge of digital and offset printing processes, signage and display expertise, and possesses excellent customer service skills.

I have dealt with Tom as a print buyer for two large scale corporations, LUSH Cosmetics and Xerox Global Services, and Tom and his team have routinely exceeded my expectations. I have dealt with many account representatives in my time and have enjoyed dealing with Tom the most, by leaps and bounds. Tom is always there when I need him, goes the extra mile whenever needed and is very easy to talk to about anything.

Tom has been a consistent pleasure to deal with and I would recommend his skills without reservation.

Johnathon Anderson Testimonial

John Anderson Production Supervisor Anderson DDB Health & LIfestyle

When Tom asked me to write a testimonial for him, I immediately agreed without a moment of hesitation.  I have complete trust in the company’s capabilities and working with Tom has been a pleasure right from our first interaction with him.

We were very impressed with the ease and turnaround time for a quote and subsequent follow up by the company.  Additionally, prices are very competitive and the quality of their work has been consistent and comparable to any high quality printer in the GTA.

Working with Tom has perhaps been the main motivation for us to move our printing needs.  Tom has been extremely helpful and very pleasant to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for excellent service, quality printing, competitive rates and last but not least, a company genuinely committed towards environmentally friendly printing processes.

Shakun Ohri Testimonial

Shakun Ohri Marketing Coordinator The Mircom Group

When we had to get our project printed and were pressed for time, Tom came through in a way that we never could have expected.

We needed our time sensitive project printed and mailed out on a Friday, and delivered the files to him only a day or two before. Not only did Tom get the order done quickly and efficiently, he cared about getting it into our hands on time as much as we did. When we realized the shop location was quite far from us, he went above and beyond the call by getting the print job to us himself at the end of the day on Friday (hand-delivered), so that we wouldn’t have to wait until Monday to get it shipped.

Needless to say, we were shocked at his level of commitment and determination, and humbled by the level of service he provided us with. Thanks to Tom we were able to get our project out on time. And on top of that, our project was eco-friendly, and looked awesome.

Tom’s now our go-to guy!

Suzanna Brusikiewicz Testimonial

Suzanna Brusikiewicz Co-Founder, Creative Director, CCO Thought Café

I have worked with Tom Liszt in many capacities at Peel Graphics since 2003, ranging from client to staff member to colleague.

He is a passionate, dedicated and creative employee. He has always taken his customers needs first and works hard to achieve their requirements. Always positive and upbeat, Tom brings a clear desire to produce all work in the most efficient and quality conscious manner.

Tom is truly a creative and hardworking individual that brings hard earned skills and passion to any project. He provides great attention to detail and is extremely well organized in managing the work for his customers.

I have had the great pleasure to work with Tom over the past many years and consider myself privileged to have had him working with me, representing our company in his different positions.

Wendy Comishen Testimonial

Wendy Comishen Manufacturing Manager The Lowe-Martin Group

Tom Liszt worked at Peel Graphics from 2005 to 2013 and started as a Customer Service Representative. Tom excelled in this role at Peel Graphics. We were a high volume, fast turnaround, commercial printer with 60 employees. The CSR role at Peel required an individual who could excel under pressure and have the ability to make a lot of things happen at once. Tom’s customers, which included many different personalities, all had one common thread: they loved Tom Liszt! Tom’s honesty in combination with his knowledge of print and his organizational skills allowed him to grow sales in his accounts. We eventually made Tom a Corporate Account Manager at Peel Graphics and he further grew these accounts and relationships.

As President of Peel Graphics I have spoken greatly of Tom’s abilities with his customers, however he was also well liked by his colleagues. He would go out of his way to help and nurture new and existing staff. Tom also took the initiative at Peel Graphics to start a Green Printing arm of the company and to turn the company itself into a friend of the environment.

Tom will be missed by all of us at Peel Graphics as we have recently merged with a company in Vaughan, Ontario called Advertek Printing and Tom has decided to independently develop opportunities closer to home.

I would recommend Tom Liszt as a great addition to any team and cannot stress enough his good nature and work ethic. I told Tom before he left that I felt that with his attitude he has the ability to do whatever he wants – I am sincere in those feelings.

Andrew Cook Testimonial

Andrew Cook Solutions and Sales, Account Manager Advertek Printing

It is my pleasure to recommend Tom Liszt.

I have known Tom for 8 years in my capacity as Production Manager at The City of Brampton. Tom has worked with me on many projects as a consultant and project manager and I would rank him as one of the best people we have ever worked with. His performance over the years working at Peel Graphics has proven to me that he would be a welcome and valuable addition to any team.

Tom distinguishes himself by consistently proving that my needs as a client are put first, and met without issue. Tom is highly intelligent and has sharp analytical and communication skills. As the front man on several of our largest print jobs, he has been first rate on every level.

I believe that his performance with us is a strong indication of how he would perform within any company. Tom would be a huge asset to your team and I would not hesitate to recommend him in Project Management, or any other collaborative areas.

Liszten Ear for Testimonials

Jeff Cowie Production Manager City of Brampton

I have known Tom for over 21 years and have worked side by side with him for 13 of them. Tom has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, independent, and a problem solver. Tom is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.

Tom is always willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent rapport with clients, employers, staff and other professional organizations.

Tom is mechanically inclined, has a great eye for aesthetics, balance and design. He is involved in the community and is a terrific father and husband. He is an outstanding friend and confidant. He would be an asset to any association and I recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue.

Jay Dover Testimonial

Jay Dover General Manager Avalon Metal Fabrication

I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Mr. Tom Liszt.

I have worked with Tom since 1999 in a business capacity, and he has consistently provided exceptional services to our company, Ryerson Inc.
At all times I have found Tom to be a dependable, conscientious, and honest individual to work with. I truly admire his dedication and work ethic. Tom not only regularly manages our various print requirements but has created our most unique boardroom corporate identification signage yet. He also designed and produced a highly functional and modular Employee Recognition Sign for our main lobby. Ryerson is a leading distributor and processor of metals and Tom’s innovative use of our materials has allowed our products to speak for themselves.
One example of how much Tom cares for us comes immediately to mind. Tom was on vacation in New York City, celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary no less, when he came upon a reproduction of a newspaper announcing the tragic sinking of the Titanic. He realized that members of the Ryerson family were listed in the paper as survivors of the tragedy. Tom brought the newspaper back, had it framed and mounted, and then patiently waited 5 months before presenting it to me as a Christmas gift. It is still hanging proudly in our boardroom today as a reminder of the Ryerson family’s long history and resilience in the face of adversity.
Tom is an expert in his field and I am confident in recommending him as a solid and reliable supplier of any marketing services.

Vanessa Dreyer Testimonial

Vanessa Dreyer Corporate Administration Manager, Executive Assistant to President Ryerson Metals

I’ve known Tom Liszt since 2008 and I’ve seen him adapt to work situations that drew on a variety of skills. I’ve noted that he possesses exceptional social intelligence, a willingness to be of service to others and a great sense of humour; allowing him to problem-solve through high-pressure situations.

It’s a given that Tom comes with keen business acumen honed from years of first-hand experience as an entrepreneur. But even more importantly, he genuinely cares about how others are treated.

In short, Tom can be described as first and foremost, a ‘people-person’ who’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of others. He’s very professional, a great listener, solutions-oriented and passionate about his role as a service provider. I’d highly recommend Tom as someone to work along-side when facing business challenges, because you can be assured that he’ll consistently work hard to deliver successful projects,  all the while looking out for your best interests.

Liszten Ear for Testimonials

Eric Spence Corporate Brand Strategist [ strategy x design ]