Displays & Signage

[ /dis’plā//’sīnij/ ]

Commercial or public notice, bearing a name, direction, warning, or advertisement, used to publicly convey meaning, information or instructions to identify gestures or action. To make prominent exhibition of same in an optimal viewing environment.

Displays & Signage

  • Display l 3M l Scotchtint

    3M Scotchtint Display

    3M Canada approached us to help them promote a new product they were launching called Scotchtint Sun Control Window Film. This product would be sold e... More Detail
  • Signage l Sport Chek l Office Sign

    Sport Chek Office Signage

    Sport Chek is one of the Canada’s largest sports clothing and sports equipment retailers. Under management of the Calgary, Alberta based Forza... More Detail
  • Signage l Grand Highland Golf Club l Entrance Sign

    Grand Highland Golf Club

    We designed, produced and installed this front entrance sign for the Grand Highland Golf Club as one of several elements that reinforced their brandin... More Detail
  • Display l Proctor & Gamble l IAMS Merchandiser

    P&G IAMS Merchandiser

    This Proctor & Gamble IAMS Merchandiser is one of the larger projects we have had the pleasure of producing for Proctor & Gamble’s merch... More Detail
  • Display l Merisel Canada l Extreme Play Merchandiser

    Merisel Canada Merchandiser

    When Merisel Canada, a leading software distributor, approached us to design a unique merchandiser for their Extreme Play software lineup we jumped at... More Detail
  • Display l Ocean Spray l Craisins

    Ocean Spray Craisins Display

    When Ocean Spray Craisins were introduced they became an instant hit in the fruit and natural food aisle. They were sweet, tasty and healthy snacks... More Detail